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A simple and economic 3D printing service

Don't just pay the fabrication costs, choose amongst thousands of Freelabsters and receive your prints on an average of 48h later

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    It's easy, if we can't find you a freelabster, we refund the price.

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  • Intellectual Property

    Files are deleted once printing is finished

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    You only pay for the manufacturing costs. That's it!

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    Usually, our Freelabsters ship goods 48h after your order is placed.

  • Fun.

    All Freelabsters are passionate about what they do and like to share that passion with you

Live the 3D collaborative printing experience now.

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All of our Freelabsters are passionate about additive fabrication. Don't hesitate to ask them questions and so learn more about this fantastic technology.


We are International

The ever growing Freelabster community can be now found across the world. We have the power to organise your project on an international scale. Order your print in France and you can pick it up in China!

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  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • UK
  • Germany
  • China
  • ...

My first experience with Freelabster 3DPrintoo : excellent service, highly pro and quality. The making of my order RPi3 was perfect. The quality was up to standard and the Freelabster never hesitated to put himself into question when faced with a print which he was not happy with. (due to imperfections in the original 3D file) I can recommend without hesitation.

Marc V.

Need to print in large quantity ?

Have the force of a network with hundreds of 3D printers at your service To ensure best results, a project manager will be assigned to your project.

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Do you require help to model your project

Our Freelabsters can help you design your article and 3D print it.
Free Quote. No Obligation.

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Choose and print in 3D your objects,decorations and prototypes for those clients near to you.

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