The Freelabsters' Charter believes in the values of its collaborative community. They are passionate about what they do and are dedicated to a technology which is here to stay.

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The Freelabsters Quality Charter

This charter lays out the essential values of communication and commitment because behind every technology there is always a person. As a Freelabster client, this charter aims to give you confidence and to commit your creative side in a new process. As a Freelabster this charter is aimed to be used as a guide on how to supply an excellent service: great fabrication and quality communication. Such comments permit the evolution of your certification. In other words your work is valued, you are appreciated for passing on your passion for 3D


Create a detailed profile with beautiful images and in doing so you will draw clients. Your presentation and aesthetics is the image of you and the quality of your work. Make sure that you carefully note the technical details of your machines and materials that you are able to use. Remember though a bit of curiosity could lead to printing in a completely different material just for a try.


Always make sure you keep us up to date with your Freelab's availability, its machines and its materials so that you do not miss an order. Being available however is also about being attentive to orders and replying with tact and curtesy.


A rapid reply each time a client contacts you shows an attentive and affable freelabster. The number of times and the rapidity in which you respond to fabrication requests or information is measured. Reply to requests as soon as possible to maintain your response rate. If a client's project does not correspond with your print settings or you think you will not be able to do the job, please communicate this so that another Freelabster can take the job over from you.


At we evaluate and advise on the fabrication price. At the moment that the offer is broadcast, you the Freelabster can propose your fabrication price. If your price is attractive then the client will choose you. The prices reflect the future of 3D printing, the volume of orders is only made possible by price policy which benefits all those actors in additive fabrication. It is crucial to make your pricing accessible. By doing so your machines will not only be in more demand but also you will obtain credits allowing your competency to grow.


When you agree to make an item or several items and you are selected by a client, this person expects that you will finish the 3D print. With you promise to produce an article within 4 days. Any changes or deviations to this could affect future orders. Do not commit lightly. If you have confirmed a fabrication and there is a change in circumstances do not hesitate to communicate this. You can always get in touch with your clients and our service via the messaging service or by telephone.

If something unexpected should happen and you should require to cancel a confirmed order you should always bear in mind the following :
As soon as you know that you will need to cancel a fabrication let your client know as well as through the menu
This will give your client the maximum amount of time possible to contact new freelabsters and therefore avoids any grudges being held

We would like those clients who choose Freelabster collaborative 3D printing feel confident in their projects. We take cancellations seriously. Take the time to communicate so that another freelabster can take over a project. This is what 3D collaborative printing is all about. You are never alone and you can always ask for advice from fellow members in the community.


The Freelabster community is built on availability, communication and sharing a passion for 3D printing. It is extremely important to be always polite and take the time to explain things to the client. Equally you can exchange ideas and issues with other freelabsters and by doing so there is an exchange of learning (technical knowledge as well as client relations). Your clients will be given the opportunity to evaluate the contact that they have had with you. This has always an impact on your certification progress (silver, gold or platinum) This is shown on your profile.


On receiving their order by pick up or delivery, the client will be invited to evaluate the whole process : fabrication, your communication and your manner. If the client decides to pick up his order, be careful to let clients know how to contact you in case of delay or the unexpected. Give your clients the necessary information to come and collect their item. Let your clients know if you will be there to meet them or if they will be meeting someone else. Make an effort to be present in person and be attentive to your client's needs right to the end. Pay attention to the way you present yourself and the answers that you give to your client. Your manner with him will act as a measure for other clients which follow. The meeting between you both can be enriching because you know the magic side that 3D printing has.

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