The Freelabsters’ Charter believes in the collaborative values of a community which are passionate about a new technology here to stay. This charter is designed to emphasize the values of good communication and commitment because successful technology cannot exist without the people behind it. As a Freelabster client, this charter will allow you to have confidence to invest your creative spirit in something new . As a Freelabster, this charter can be used as a guide to ensure excellent service, high quality fabrication and good communication between you and your client. This document will allow you to develop your certification labels. With Freelabster your work is always valued. You are appreciated because you transmit to others your passion for 3D fabrication
By creating a detailed profile with high quality images you will attract your clients. Aesthetics and presentation act as a showcase for your work and is therefore just as important as the quality of your work. Always mark down your machine(s) technical details as well as the type of material it uses. Having a bit of curiosity could be a factor in printing in a different material just to try it out.
Always keep the availability of your Freelab, machines and material up to date so that you do not miss the possibility of an order. However it is not just about being available. It”s also about listening to your queries and being able to respond with courtesy and tact.
Being able to give rapid replies to each client who contacts you is an indication as to whether you are a considerate and attentive Freelabster. The number of times and the rapidity in which you reply to your fabrication enquiries are tracked. Make sure you reply as soon as possible to maintain your enquiry rating. If the project is not suited to your printer settings, or you think that you will not be able to do it, be careful to communicate this to your client so that another Freelabster can easily follow it up.
On we evaluate and give advice on the fabrication price of any item. Once the offer has been broadcast, you as a Freelabster will propose a fabrication price. If your offer is attractive, the client will select you. The pricing impacts future 3D printing: the quantity of orders made possible by this pricing policy will benefit all those involved in additive fabrication. It is crucial that it is made affordable. By doing so your machines will make more and you will get credits valorising your ever- developing skills.
Once you agree to make one or several items and you have been picked by your client, he has every confidence that you will complete your 3D printing task. Remember, With you have pledged a production turnaround time of 4 days. It is important to note that any change or deviation could prejudice your future orders. Do not commit without knowing you can do it. If your order is confirmed and a subsequent change occurs in your advert, do not wait to communicate it. You can always communicate with your clients or our service via a messaging system or by telephone. If something unpredictable happens and you require to cancel a confirmed order, you should bear in mind the following: – As soon as you know that you require to cancel the fabrication, let your client know immediately as well as by using the menu which has been designed for this purpose. -This will give your client enough time to contact new Freelabsters and means that you will not be penalised. – The cancelation of fabrication will activate the process of credit reallocation. We would like that those clients who have chosen to experience 3D collaborative printing to feel confident about their projects. We take cancellations very seriously. Take time to communicate so that another Freelabster can take your project on. This is one of the advantages of collaborative 3D printing. You are not alone and you can equally ask for help from the community.
The Freelabster community is based on availability, communication and a shared passion for 3D printing. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to take the time to explain things as well as knowing the importance of being polite. You can share knowledge and experiences with other Freelabsters and learn from each other. Shared knowledge can be anything from technical matters to improving your skills in customer interface.
À réception de la commande, ou si vos clients viennent chercher leur pièce eux-mêmes, ils seront invités à évaluer la façon dont s’est passée le processus de fabrication et votre communication.
Si votre client passe prendre sa pièce, veillez à ce que vos clients sachent comment vous contacter en cas de retard ou de contretemps. Donnez à vos clients les indications nécessaires pour venir chercher leur(s) pièce(s). Faites savoir à vos clients si vous serez là pour les accueillir ou s’ils rencontreront une autre personne.

Efforcez-vous d’être présent en personne afin d’être attentif jusqu’à la fin à ceux qui vous on fait confiance pour leur projet. Prenez soin de votre présentation, et de vos réponses. Votre engagement envers lui est un gage pour tous vos autres clients. La rencontre entre vous peut être très enrichissante, car vous savez combien l’impression 3D a ce côté magique et enthousiasmant.