Freelabster for PROFESSIONALS

The force of a network with hundreds of 3D printers at your service

3D printers
The Freelabster community is in constant evolution and never stops growing.
A direct access to all available machines on the market for all types of technology.
Materials offered
We have access to all materials commercialised to date.
Each of our Freelabster members is an expert in 3D printing and is at your service!
Training & seminars
There are many Freelabsters available to provide training and for technological support.
We create and custom design all projects.
An accompaniment from the idea to the first prototypes. Have your project designed and validated by a R&D team dedicated to your project
Large quantities
Mass fabrication of your project. An accompanied preparation of your 3D files up until production
Market testing
Create localised test campagnes and adapt the demand according to niche markets
We can offer your make a complete and autonomous solution from Web to 3D print. It can be white branding, internal or connected to our network of 3D printers. Discover our case study of Boulanger and its service Happy 3D.
We will help you integrate 3D printing into your organisation.
Link the possibilities of additive manufacturing to your business.

We are trusted by a large number of companies.

Our areas of expertise

Innovation Support - R & D - Equipment Materials Software
Design Support Design Prototyping Product design 3D model Editions
3D consulting - Applications - Consulting Integration Training
Print in large quantities

Adapted to your needs

We are there to answer all your questions such as the quantity, the location of production centres and timing

Your project

Practical Information
Free quote, No obligation
We will send you a cost and a diagnostic on the feasibility of your project. It's free and without obligation.
Project director
To ensure best results, a project manager will be assisgned to your project.
Phone contact
You can reach us at:
Cost of a local call.