Une imprimante 3D est éteinte 95% du temps, et la vôtre ?

Make your 3D printer even more profitable

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Freelabster.com is a 3D collaborative printing platform. We offer 3D prints of objects, decorations, protypes for clients located near to you. Discover each day new projects on your dashboard.

How does Freelabster work for Labs?

Select the projects that interest you
It's for you to select and print only the projects that you like.
Print the project
You are in direct contact with your client and we will accompany you all the way.
Make then Make Money
As soon as your customer validates the project, we will credit your account immediately.
Freelabster.com acts as a trusted third party and ensures you get paid for each of your orders.

Here is your dashboard

This is your control panel where you will find all your projects as well as access to a number of services such as your business space.
You can also share your experiences with the community. There's a wide number of advantages available uniquely to our certified freelabsters and our partners such as competitive rates for high quality filament.

Freelabsters Certifications

This renumerated step is just the begining of your Freelabster experience. If you manage to attain all certification levels you will have access to all the projects and services on Freelabster.com


You are able to carry out complex prints with a perfect post-print.
You are an expert in 3D printing.


You have a good level and you are able to do most projects. You have a high quality machine and you have a lot of experience.


You are able to produce simple items with little post print. You have just started printing and you wish to make progress by printing for Freelabster.com

Generate income thanks to 3D printing

As a Freelabster we will give you access to a number of services allowing you to generate income by 3D printing
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