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3D printing
Monte Rinaldo

Freelabster is a 3D collaborative printing platform. Our printers are near to you.

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How it works is a 3D printing platform putting those who need 3D printing in contact with those owners of 3D printers.

1 Start a New Print

In just a few clicks you can choose the printing features that you wish and then place the order.


2 Select Your Printer

From the very first minute of you order, Freelabster will offer their services. It's up to you to select the best one for you.

Discover the Freelabster Quality Charter

3 Receive your order

We act as a trusted third party and guarantee the tracking and delivery of your print.

Our Guarantees on

We attach great importance in ensuring that your collaborative 3D printing experience is the best one.

  • Secure payment

    All transactions are 100% secure.

  • Printed or reimbursed

    With us it’s simple: if it’s not printed, we will re-credit you.

  • Trusted third party

    Your money is safe with us. We make sure you are satisfied with your print before paying your Freelabster

  • Quality

    All Freelabsters have accepted the Quality Charter and they are evaluated on each project. This guarantees the best 3D printing service.

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Our team is there to help you every step of the way in you 3D collaborative printing experience.

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These Freelabsters are near to Monte Rinaldo

We attach great importance in ensuring that your collaborative 3D printing experience is the best one.

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Pay uniquely for the fabrication costs, choose a Freelabster located near to you and receive your order within 48 hours. It's very easy!

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