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Reproduction preferred objects

Benefit from the power of 3D printing with Fabtory. Reproduce your preferred objects in 3D in just a few minutes by means of the 3D scanner in a shop near you.

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How does it work?


By simply placing your object in the Fabtory scanner you can have it scanned.

3D printing

Once it has been scanned we will get it 3D printed for you. You can choose its colour and the material to be used.

Receive your object

According to the complexity of your project it could take a few days. On average you should receive your object within 4 days.

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We want your experience to be as easy as possible. Pay directly in the shop. You will be informed when it's ready!

Where can you find Fabtory?

You can find your Fabtory terminal in a growing number of partner shops such as Boulanger right across France.