Modeling & Creation of your project

We can accompany you in the production of small items as well as those with large dimensions
How much does it cost ?
To determine the manufacturing costs of a model, a number of parameters are taken into account. As 3D printing on Freelabster, modeling is sought after it is very affordable and is completed with passion by 3D experts
What kind of project ?
Our Freelabsters are capable of meeting all needs. Items that are : mechanical, technical or artistic.
How long will it take?
According to the complexity of the project and its final usage, it can vary from a few minutes to several days.
And then ?
We will broadcast your project free of charge and without obligation to buy. There are many Freelabsters there to offer their services. You select the one with whom you wish to work with.
Some pricing examples
Modeling and 3D printing of a personalised key ring
Design and 3D print of a small prototype.

Modelling on request

Our team is there for you to ensure the very best support for your modelling and 3D printing of your project.

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We will sent to you a cost and assess the feasibility of your project. It's free and without obligation.
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Among our Freelabsters there are a large number of modelling experts ready to make all types of objects.
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