HY3RIDS Milano, IT


In 2016 Yack Humberto Di Maio and Martina Lamperti
founded HY3RIDS.
Yack and Martina studied Architecture at Politecnico of Milan.
After the Master Degree they continued to increase the
passion for design and for the research of new technologies
and materials, specializing even more in modeling and 3D
printing fields.
HY3RIDS was born from this common passion. 

In 2017 HY3RIDS attended at Milan Design Week 2017 with
 Wine Box.
To date HY3RIDS has relationships with several studios and
companies, including Samsung Italia.

Areas of Competence
: 3D Printing, Prototyping, Modeling, Design.

Milano, IT
  • 20125 Milano
  • IT
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